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Meet our Executive Team

Jim Finley of JFA Consulting

Jim Finley
President and CEO

Since 1988, I have worked with companies across the United States in the areas of performance management, change management, employee and customer advocacy, and employee retention. I’ve designed, developed, and implemented solutions for organizations, acted as a trainer and facilitator for upper-level and mid-level management teams, and have served as a featured speaker for such groups as the American Marketing Association and the American Society for Quality Control.

I’ve brought to my clients over twenty years of corporate experience with AT&T and Southwestern Bell in the areas of field operations management, human resources management, and organizational development. During the breakup of the Bell System, I was responsible for managing the cultural change of the southern region of AT&T Operator Services.

I am a Distinguished and proud Graduate of Texas A&M University and have earned an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

To contact me: (214) 762-4297 jimfinley@jfaconsulting.com



Lindsay Mangum of JFA Consulting

Lindsay Mangum
Program Management/Client Services Manager

I have been with JFA since January 2008 and am responsible for the day-to-day execution of our active programs. I manage and facilitate communications and action between JFA’s clients and our staff of consultants, coaches, analysts and programmers. I also manage all vendor relationships on behalf of our clients.

I work at building strong relationships with our clientele and enjoy seeing the value that we bring to our clients. My priority is ensuring that results are delivered accurately on time, every time.

To contact me: (214) 995-8213 lindsaymangum@jfaconsulting.com



Bill Johnson of JFA Consulting

Bill Johnson
Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant at JFA Consulting, I provide executive consultation and organization development services to business, government, and nonprofit organizations. I have been involved in consultation, planning, and training for the past 20 years in Dallas, Texas. In 1978 I co-founded TDF Systems, a management consulting firm, assisting in the development of TDF theory, a cognitive style theory that has been used widely for management training and for individual and organizational assessment. I have also worked in all phases of organization development and the management of change, with clients ranging from large national corporations to small entrepreneurial companies. I am particularly interested in helping organizations determine a clear direction for their future, in strategizing the steps to achieve their vision, and in identifying and removing those factors and conditions that may prevent achievement of the desired results.

In 1988, I joined JFA Consulting, Inc., and have worked closely with Jim on the development of all of the company’s service offerings.

With over 27 years in consulting, I have worked with Lomas Financial Corporation with a special emphasis on Strategic change management and leadership development. I have worked with Austin Industries in leadership and management development and executive coaching. Other clients include Mark Kay Cosmetics, Sanger-Harris Department Stores (predecessor of Foley’s), Dillard’s Department Stores, City of Dallas, City of Little Rock, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I am an honors graduate of SMU with degrees at both the bachelor and master levels. I have completed additional graduate study at the University of Chicago and the University of North Texas. And I am proud that I was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa in 1966.

To contact me: billj@jfaconsulting.com