Cognitive Diversity

Harnessing Cognitive Diversity using TDF™ Perceptual Styles

TDF is a perceptual styles model whose purpose is enhanced understanding of self and others. It is often used as a first step in a personal development and the development of teams where effective communication and interaction are critical. As a tool for teams, the goal of TDF is to move beyond an understand of the inherent differences that make us unique toward the appreciation of those differences and how, properly utilized, they make our teams stronger.

TDF is built on the premise that different people inherently see the world in different ways, and because we see the world differently, we act differently. It also helps explain why each of us feels more comfortable in specific setting and why working with certain people feels natural while working with others sometimes feels like being in a foreign country.

It provides a non-threatening language for dealing with human differences and provide leaders with an essential tool for understanding and working with the people in their organizations.

Knowing TDF will help you:

  • Make wiser choices
  • See where you can succeed
  • Find settings that support your talents
  • Have more realistic expectations of yourself and others
  • Read people better
  • Work and live better with others

JFA Consulting has used TDF as it primary tool of human understanding in working with organizations for more than twenty ears, conducting over three hundred TDF workshops with teams of 2 to 150 across all industry sectors and the non-profit world.

We invite you to follow this link for more information about Cognitive Diversity.

Here’s what our clients say:

Have someone contact me about Cognitive Diversity!

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.Senior VP and Head of Wireless and Services Solutions
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"Employees can recognize patterns in others to maximize team effectiveness."

We are long-term partners with JFA not only so my organization can have self-knowledge of their cognitive patterns but more importantly so employees can recognize patterns in others to maximize team effectiveness.
TDF WorkshopVarious Participants
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"I gained a lot of insights about myself."

This course can give you the fundamentals to understanding why communications between yourself and others was misunderstood. It can also give you the tools to correct those misunderstandings.

Very informative and thought provoking.

This class is very insightful if you are currently in or growing a successful team. A must for any new manager.

I gained a lot of insights about myself and the personalities surrounding me at work.