Performance Management

Performance Management - Design and Implementation


The overarching principle is one of supervisory attitude and accountability. The entire organization must understand that employees have a strong desire to be, and feel, successful in their work. It is the job of the manager or supervisor to help each of their employees get there by taking responsibility for providing three elements:

  • The employee’s expectations. What must the employee produce, not “do” to be successful?
  • The resources needed by the employee to deliver on expectations. These include tools, information, authority, processes, coaching support, and others.
  • Evaluation of the employee’s performance. Employees need to know how their organization views their performance, how their contribution impacted the organization, and that their performance mattered.

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What others have said about JFA Performance Management process:

AT&T Vice President Call Servicing
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"The performance management process...has brought a rigorous, disciplined proces to goal setting."

The Performance management process... has brought a rigorous, disciplined process to goal setting. It is a process with real application–I consider it on-the-job training for planning. Its strength is in its simplicity and its ability to keep work teams focused... There is clarity throughout Call Servicing that enables teams in all parts of our organization to know how to reshape goals and respond quickly to shifts in our overall strategy. The process JFA designed and installed has enabled us to turn on a dime.
AT&TRegional Director
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"The JFA performance management process led us to have a much more aligned organization."

"The JFA performance management processled us to have a much more aligned organization. This in turn resulted in better clarity with which to deal with day-to-day problems, resulting in time savings, including quicker time to market.

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